How do I pair my earphones to my device?

In order to successfully pair your earphones to your device, please follow these instructions:

  • Put your device into flight mode (to turn off Bluetooth)
  • Ensure your earphones are turned off.
  • Hold your finger on the centre button of the inline controller for 6-8 secs, until the LED light flashes rapidly Red and White.
  • Take the device out of flight mode
  • In your devices Bluetooth settings, select BioConnected HR+

Although the HR+ can be paired with, and used with, up to six devices a connection with one device can impact another.  So if you are having troubles pairing make sure that all other Bluetooth devices in the room are either off or in flight mode.  This can be a particular problem with the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection used for the heart rate monitoring in the phone, which can only be used with one device at a time.  So Fitbits and Whoop bands can stop the App from working with the HR+.

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