What foods should I eat to eliminate kidney stone formation?

The risk of kidney stones is associated with many problems. One of the biggest is carbohydrate intolerance (CI), the reason kidney stones are more common in people with higher BMI and weight, and diabetes. Addressing CI is a key problem to deal with through diet, exercise, etc. Depending on the kind of stones you have, oxalates can be a contributing factor. Calcium from foods is usually not going to increase the risk of a stone (and can actually reduce urinary oxalates), but calcium from supplements can increase the risk of stones.

Even more important is water intake—consuming enough throughout the day to keep urine relatively clear is important, but not to overdrink. Protein itself may not be a problem but increased protein increases water needs.

If the stones are made of calcium oxalate, phosphoric acid (as a dietary supplement) can help reduce the stones to smaller sizes so they can more easily pass without causing trouble.

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