Why is the aerobic system so important?

Most people who work out want to improve health and fitness, which includes burning off excess body fat, increasing endurance to get faster, and feel better with more energy. These are products of a healthy aerobic system, which is the system that burns body fat for energy (as opposed to the anaerobic system, which relies on sugar, and allows us to express speed and power). In short, an aerobic system allows us to perform more work effectively.

Some signs and symptoms of a poor or “deficient” aerobic system include excess body fat, plateaued performance, fatigue and poor health. The aerobic system, in particular the slow-twitch muscle fibers, protect us from physical injuries by supporting our joints, ligaments, bones and other body structures. So chronic joint pain or injuries are associated with less than optimal aerobic function. A heart rate monitor helps guide our workouts in helping to build a better aerobic system.

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