Why are there no diet or workout plans on the website?

The Maffetone Method isn’t about prescribing exercise. It’s about helping individuals to learn how to build both fitness and health. A cookie-cutter diet or workout plan won’t work for everyone—that’s why our metrics (the Two-Week Test, the 180-Formula, and the MAF test) are all about understanding how your body works, what foods you are best suited to, and how to stay at a training intensity that benefits you in particular.

We believe that our job is to empower you to understand how to be healthy and how to build fitness on top of that health. Because the physical, mental, work, and social conditions of our life are always changing, it is impossible to write the perfect workout plan and hand it to you. The perfect workout plan is the one that observes those changes and is modified accordingly. Understanding how the principles of exercise prescription are applied to these changes will empower you to reach health and fitness goals that a prescribed diet or workout plan never could.

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